Isolation Fraisage

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Pour les fichiers de Sprint-Layout 5 ou plus anciens, veuillez utiliser SL5toM3 

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 Le problème? 
If, like me, to isolation routing with Sprint-Layout and Mach3 works, we used the first time as a post-processor logical in Mach3 thus included and free LazyCam.
In the Sprint-Layout is also well described in the help, as the export of HPGL data works for isolation milling. The milling data generated here are OK, but unfortunately are not usable in the described variant of drilling data LazyCam about. Whether this is on Sprint-Layout or on LazyCam here was once an open question. 
I have ALL versions of exports and postprozessings been tried and found that is edit the HPGL file with LazyCam (especially if you often produces printed circuit boards) a terribly tricky, not to mention annoying troublesome Work. Time consuming and totally unnecessary.

 La solution! 
Time consuming? Unnecessary? I decided a post-processing Tool for isolation channels to program that takes the most Work! 

For isolation milling and drilling I just need 3 (5) Data. These are file name, security level Z, Z depth of cut (feed, speed). SL2M3 liaise with these 3 (5) Values very fast HPGL-/Excellon-Data to NC-Data (G-Code) for flow control.
It's that simple. No complicated set of tools more. No time-consuming check of lines and then determine the type of milling. No more tedious convert circles into holes. And so on.

Other features of SL2M3, made possible by the new milling export of Sprint-Layout Version 6:
What else can SL2M3? Last but not least, there are small aids such as ...

The Program SL2M3 is self-explanatory and can be used by anyone immediately and without problems

 But it is also a manual in PDF format with the following content:
  1. Using SL2M3.
  2. How to optimally exports the data from Sprint-Layout.

Attention: Sprint Layout Version 5 ou antérieure n'est plus pris en charge, mais il existe maintenant SL5toM3.

A few notes about the technology: 

SL2M3.ZIP . . . . . .                 (Manuel et questions fréquemment posées dans le ZIP)

Note: If not, Update! your Sprint-Layout to Version 6
This makes the manufacture of printed circuit boards with Sprint-Layout and SL2M3 much easier.

Attention: Attention: Sprint Layout Version 5 ou antérieure n'est plus pris en charge, mais il existe maintenant SL5toM3.

Please read the instructions carefully. From now on I will no longer answer emails with questions whose answer is already contained in the instructions for SL2M3.
I know how to use the time spent on it better in the future.

Online Manual     (HTML)      seulement anglais   /   only English   

      Online Manual       (PDF)        pas encore disponible   /   not yet available   

  don de paiement  
The Program SL2M3 is free. But who wants to work on my program SL2M3 appreciate a little can pay a small donation via PayPal.


Donate, even if it is only 1 euro, always welcome!


  Mises à jour / réviser  
28. Update 02/15/2020 ( v20.02.15 )
For graining, a tool change can be activated in machine parameters.
Only one tool (no tool change in the G code) is now possible with all tools.
Little internal improvements as well as errors in the input field for the Ref.-Hole depth removed.
There are also some corrections in the layout preview with just one Tool.
New error messages for laser exposure.

27. Update 04/02/2019 ( v19.04.02 )
With the Option 'Only One Tool' you can deaktivate the Machine-Stops for the Tool-Changes.
In the Options you can disable the 'drilling depth correction', e.g. when drilling with Millingcutter.
Error Millingcutter Break in Drillmilling fixed.
Also, some minimal improvements in the use and presentation of the layout preview.
SL2M3 is also (untested and not complete) available in French Language from this version.

26. Update 11.11.2018 ( v18.11.11 )
For tool change height Mach3-SafeZ can now also be selected in the options.
The G code (position G81/G83 ... G80 and position G91 ... G90) has been optimized.
Graining is now converted to G-code in real G82 drilling cycles. ( Drill G81, Reference Drill G83)
As of this version, G-code for laser exposure can be created with a drill file.
Outline milling is now possible with multiple Z-depth passes .
Sprint Layout Version 5 or earlier is no longer supported, but there is now SL5toM3.


11. Update 31.08.2013 ( v13.08.31 )
SL2M3 was first published in english Language.     SL2M3 a été publié en langue anglais. 


see other updates:
SL2M3   Site allemand / german Website
SL2M3   Site anglais / english Website

0.   SL2M3 (allemand language) a été publié le 29.09.2011 ( v11.09.29 )
0.   SL2M3 (german Language) was first published on 29.09.2011 ( v11.09.29 )

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