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Le programme SL5toM3 est intuitif et peut être utilisé par n'importe qui immédiatement et sans problème

 But it is also a manual in PDF format with the following content:
  1. Using SL5toM3.
  2. How to optimally exports the data from Sprint-Layout.

Attention: pour la présentation de sprint version 5 ou antérieure, la version de présentation de sprint 6 n'est pas prise en charge.

A few notes about the technology: 


pour la Sprint-Layout Version 5, 4, ...

SL5toM3.ZIP . . . v18.10.18 . . . ( 3.333.333 Bytes )                 ( Manuel et questions fréquemment posées dans le ZIP,  no Updates in the future)

Online Anleitung     (PDF)

  don de paiement  
The Program SL5toM3 is free. But who wants to work on my program SL5toM3 appreciate a little can pay a small donation via PayPal.


Donate, even if it is only 1 euro, always welcome!


3. Update 01.04.2021 ( v21.04.01 )
SL5toM3 can now also recognize and process files from Front-Designer v3!
Bugs eliminated:
- The drilling depth correction (in SL5-Excellon Modus and Front-Designer) can now be switched off.
- The G code for drilling in milling mode has been shortened to include superfluous commands.
- G-code for LinuxCNC (* .ngc) with tool table (* .tbl) can now also be generated.
- Strictcode is implemented more consistently.
- Error messages may not have been displayed.

0. SL5toM3 was first published on 11/11/2018. ( v18.11.11 )
To make programming easier, this program was split off from SL2M3 for Sprint-Layout up to version 5 and is now available separately.

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SL5toM3 / Isolation (PCB) Fraisage

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