Isolation Milling

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For Files from Sprint-Layout 5 or earlier please use SL5toM3 
Caution: The SL2M3 Output currently works ONLY with Millimeter Format, not with Zoll/Inch.
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 The Problem? 
If, like me, to isolation routing with Sprint-Layout and Mach3 works, we used the first time as a post-processor logical in Mach3 thus included and free LazyCam.
In the Sprint-Layout is also well described in the help, as the export of HPGL data works for isolation milling. The milling data generated here are OK, but unfortunately are not usable in the described variant of drilling data LazyCam about. Whether this is on Sprint-Layout or on LazyCam here was once an open question. 
I have ALL versions of exports and postprozessings been tried and found that is edit the HPGL file with LazyCam (especially if you often produces printed circuit boards) a terribly tricky, not to mention annoying troublesome Work. Time consuming and totally unnecessary.

 The Solution! 
Time consuming? Unnecessary? I decided a post-processing Tool for isolation channels to program that takes the most Work! 

For isolation milling and drilling I just need 3 (5) Data. These are file name, security level Z, Z depth of cut (feed, speed). SL2M3 liaise with these 3 (5) Values very fast HPGL-/Excellon-Data to NC-Data (G-Code) for flow control.
It's that simple. No complicated set of tools more. No time-consuming check of lines and then determine the type of milling. No more tedious convert circles into holes. And so on.

Other features of SL2M3, made possible by the new milling export of Sprint-Layout Version 6:
What else can SL2M3? Last but not least, there are small aids such as ...

The Program SL2M3 is self-explanatory and can be used by anyone immediately and without problems

 But it is also a manual in PDF format with the following content:
  1. Using SL2M3.
  2. How to optimally exports the data from Sprint-Layout.

Attention: Sprint Layout Version 5 or earlier is no longer supported, but there is now SL5toM3.

A few notes about the technology: 

SL2M3.ZIP . . . . . .                 (Manual and FAQ in the ZIP)

Note: If not, Update! your Sprint-Layout to Version 6
This makes the manufacture of printed circuit boards with Sprint-Layout and SL2M3 much easier.

Attention: Sprint Layout Version 5 or earlier is no longer supported, but there is now SL5toM3.

Please read the instructions carefully. From now on I will no longer answer emails with questions whose answer is already contained in the instructions for SL2M3.
I know how to use the time spent on it better in the future.

Online Manual     (HTML)

Online Manual     (PDF)

The Program SL2M3 is free. But who wants to work on my program SL2M3 appreciate a little can pay a small donation via PayPal.


Donate, even if it is only 1 euro, always welcome!


  Invocation                      to users of this program:

  English Translation  
If anyone here is my documentation for SL2M3 and the website can and may also check on English Grammar and would like to, please contact me by email.

The SL2M3 program itself is OK. But unfortunately my English skills (school from 1973 to 1975) are not sufficient to bring the very technical-specific documentation grammatically correct into English.


28. Update 02/15/2020 ( v20.02.15 )
For graining, a tool change can be activated in machine parameters.
Only one tool (no tool change in the G code) is now possible with all tools.
Little internal improvements as well as errors in the input field for the Ref.-Hole depth removed.
There are also some corrections in the layout preview with just one Tool.
New error messages for laser exposure.

27. Update 04/02/2019 ( v19.04.02 )
With the Option 'Only One Tool' you can deaktivate the Machine-Stops for the Tool-Changes.
In the Options you can disable the 'drilling depth correction', e.g. when drilling with Millingcutter.
Error Millingcutter Break in Drillmilling fixed.
Also, some minimal improvements in the use and presentation of the layout preview.
SL2M3 is also (untested and not complete) available in French Language from this version.

26. Update 11/11/2018 ( v18.11.11 )
For tool change height Mach3-SafeZ can now also be selected in the options.
The G code (position G81/G83 ... G80 and position G91 ... G90) has been optimized.
Graining is now converted to G-code in real G82 drilling cycles. ( Drill G81, Reference Drill G83)
As of this version, G-code for laser exposure can be created with a drill file.
Outline milling is now possible with multiple Z-depth passes.
Sprint Layout Version 5 or earlier is no longer supported, but there is now SL5toM3.

25. Update 04/21/2017 ( v17.04.21 )
Small bugfix, minor flaws and:
Determine and display the cause when a file can not be loaded.
Sporadic error 15 with Button-File-Retry.
The file *_paths.txt is now only created with different source and destination folders.

24. Update 04/05/2017 ( v17.04.05 )
Fixed the following errors:
- In some Tool combinations, the preview pages did not cover the pages.
- Top / Bottom save separately and single-sided boards do not show the Layout preview.
- Top / Bottom save separately and double-sided boards do not show the G-Code preview.
- In some cases, the Tool Change Height and Tool Max Height values were not stored in the SL2M3.INI.
- Program crash if program start source file or folder no longer exists.
- A wrong status line was output during drill milling (CI command).
Also, some minimal improvements in the use and presentation of the layout preview.

23. Update 01/10/2016 ( v16.01.10 )
In left to the button "File load" is now the "File New load" button.
On the File menu, there is a File History (last loaded files).
It is recognized when the loaded HPGL/Excellon File from Sprint-Layout Export is changed. The file will then be automatically reloaded in SL2M3.
SL2M3 stores at each loaded Sprint-Layout-File the selected folder of the G-code file in a file *_paths.txt and loads these folders when reopening the file.
The Checkbox for this is under the Checkbox remember last files. (Auto-update is moved to the Info-Screen)
Grains can be set with up to 2-fold milling depth. (Use with caution, cutters in danger)
In the preview, there is now the option show/hide grains.
With files from Sprint Layout 5 or earlier can not be used functions such as in the window Options/Parameter disabled.
In addition, some small improvements have been made and fixed some minor bugs.

22. Update 10/19/2015 ( v15.10.19 )
Error in Machineparameters Toolchangeheight fixed.
Error 8.xx (hopefully) removed.
If you try to load a Sprint-Layout Export in mil (Inch) SL2M3 will show now a passed Errormessage, produces no more Program crash.

21. Update 09/09/2015 ( v15.09.09 )
In the layout preview is now available in addition to the recent view like Sprint-Layout also a view (M3) similar to the Mach3-Toolpath. The included rapid-feed preview was adapted.

20. Update 08/09/2015 ( v15.08.09 )
SL2M3 reads now also job listings in other language and translates it into the language used. This also finished Sprint-Layout exports of other languages can be used.
If the folder to save the G-code different from the source folder, it can be permanently set now.
Error 9.xx finally eliminated.

19. Update 06/08/2015 ( v15.06.08 )
Errors in the layout preview when selecting the level fixed (C1/C2).
With a small button between the rulers, the background color of the preview (light/dark) can be changed.

18. Update 06/05/2015 ( v15.06.05 )
Auto Zoom errors in the layout preview at preview starts (if Y-dimension > X-dimension) eliminated.
Cleared G-Code without structuring Spaces (see Update 15) now now available for SL5 files.
Font size in G-Code Preview slightly enlarged.
Older, no longer needed documentary files of SL2M3 are now deleted automatically.

17. Update 17/05/2015 ( v15.05.17 )
Errors in the layout preview Helix drilling level K1 eliminated.
Error 9.36 (hopefully) removed.
Improved display, Button [PLT <-> DRL] and Checkbox [PLT+DRL=NC] are displayed only in SL5.
Singlejobs can be created for LinuxCNC now.
Implemented G-Code Preview for for Singlejobs.

16. Update 05/05/2015 ( v15.05.05 )
A graphical preview of the resulting G-code displays the layout optional with rapid traverse and optionally with grid. The grid spacing is adjustable. This preview can be used if the outline cutter does not collide with approximately determine the pass-pins in the reference-holes, or with adjacent conductor tracks.
When upper and lower sides are required as separate files*, now done SL2M3 with the split option. This must further not be exported separately in Sprint-Layout.
* After the upper and lower side of the board separated G-code is for further use with some other programs such as Autoleveller mandatory.

15. Update 03/08/2015 ( v15.03.08 )
There are now for SL2M3 a file Lang*.txt. With this other languages could be realized.
Internal tool management improved once again.
In the Machine Parameters now standard values for the diameter Reference Hole Driller and Outline Milling Cutter can be entered.
The G-code can be structured as before and thus clearly (without structuring spaces) be issued*. In addition, the resulting G-code can be viewed in a own window. 
* cleared G-Code without structuring for further use with some other programs such as Autoleveller necessary.

14. Update 01/20/2015 ( v15.01.20 )
Some bugs in the English version in creating the tool table fixed.
Internal tool management improved.
Error in entering the Reference Hole depth retreat resolved.
Error report improved.

13. Update 09/28/2014 ( v14.09.28 )
The screen has been redesigned, there are now all used input fields to see.
A bug with the INI file was removed and correct lack Feed in the drill milling.
SL2M3 created from this version also G-code for LinuxCNC (*. NGC) with tool table (*. TBL).
Note, though: I myself do not use any Linux, SL2M3 is reportedly other users operate under WineHQ if all fonts are installed.

12. Update 09/13/2013 ( v13.09.13 )
An Error in the assignment of HPGL scaling has been fixed. In addition, there is now the possibility to attach in the milling export of Sprint-Layout the Scale (0254 or 0250) to the file name automatically make this adjustment in SL2M3 (example: MILL0254.PLT).

11. Update 08/31/2013 ( v13.08.31 )

SL2M3 was first published with english Language. 


see earlier updates: SL2M3 german Website

0.   SL2M3 (german Language) was first published on 09/29/2011 ( v11.09.29 )

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