Isolation Milling

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The Program SL5toM3 is self-explanatory and can be used by anyone immediately and without problems

 But it is also a manual in PDF format with the following content:
  1. Using SL5toM3.
  2. How to optimally exports the data from Sprint-Layout.

Attention: for Sprint Layout version 5 or earlier, Sprint Layout version 6 is not supported.

A few notes about the technology: 


for Sprint-Layout Version 5, 4, ...

SL5toM3.ZIP . . . . . .                 ( Manual and FAQ in the ZIP,  no Updates in the future)

Online Anleitung     (PDF)

The Program SL5toM3 is free. But who wants to work on my program SL5toM3 appreciate a little can pay a small donation via PayPal.


Donate, even if it is only 1 euro, always welcome!


3. Update 04/01/2021 ( v21.04.01 )
SL5toM3 can now also recognize and process files from Front-Designer v3!
Bugs eliminated:
- The drilling depth correction (in SL5-Excellon Modus and Front-Designer) can now be switched off.
- The G code for drilling in milling mode has been shortened to include superfluous commands.
- G-code for LinuxCNC (* .ngc) with tool table (* .tbl) can now also be generated.
- Strictcode is implemented more consistently.
- Error messages may not have been displayed.

0. SL5toM3 was first published on 11/11/2018. ( v18.11.11 )
To make programming easier, this program was split off from SL2M3 for Sprint-Layout up to version 5 and is now available separately.

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SL5toM3 / Isolation milling

designed and created by Bernhard Pahl. Build with the fine Tool -Crimson Editor-